‘Together, let’s build a Better, Cleaner, and Safer Community’

Meet Group B

Aaron Wright
As an active member of the local community, I am passionate about building together – with greater community consultation – a better, cleaner, and safer community for my family, your family, and all who call Blacktown their home. Briefly, better access to well-maintained council facilities, especially in older wards like Ward 2 that seems to have missed out on the abundance of great facilities enjoyed elsewhere in our city. A cleaner city with bright, well maintained outdoor spaces, furniture and playgrounds. A safer city with better street lighting, finished paths and walkways. We have got much right in Blacktown, however some wards have missed out on these initiatives and resources. I stand as a voice and a pair of hands ready to work for the residents in Ward 2 who I believe have been neglected in recent years.

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Ju Kang
Local mortgage broker and resident Ju (Chris) Kang works with local youth as part of the social arm of his local church, and maintains a strong and active relationship with local business through his previous work in advertising with local community radio station Hope 103.2.

Larissa Wright
Larissa is a busy mum of 4 children, a local primary school teacher, board member of a local preschool, and an active member of her local church community as a family ministry coordinator.

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